The International Fair of Technology, Water and Energy Strategic Procurement, IFT-ENERGY ATACAMA DESERT 2016, is the broadest exhibition of the energy industry in Latin America, bringing the biggest conglomerates of the sector together, not only in the generation, transmission, distribution and NCRE, but as well, to the sustainable production companies and all those who provide service and are linked to the energy and mining industry.

The Kallman Worldwide Chile Company and the Asociación de Industriales de Antofagasta (AIA), official organizers of IFT-ENERGY ATACAMA DESERT, invite all actors of the energy and mining industry to participate in this platform of opportunities so that the leading companies can offer advanced technological solutions.

Why Antofagasta?

Currently the mining industry of the region is going through a complex situation, especially due to the high production costs. In this sense, energy and water are the two main supply, being a relevant issue to contribute diminishing the economic impact in such process.

In view of this, the ideal place for a fair where solutions are given for the current problems present in the industry, which also gathers the relevant actors of the business in order to discuss contingency issues, must be the mining zone par excellence of the country, Antofagasta.

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