Why Participate?

  • The mining leads the development of five regions of northern Chile and constitutes 60% of exports. Chile is the largest copper producer in the world with 33% of world production and has 28% of world copper reserves. Chile currently produces about 5.4 million metric tons of copper per year. It also leads the production of molybdenum, iodine, nitrate and other metallic and non-metallic minerals in Chile and the world.

  • Chile faces a crisis for nearly a decade in the energy sector due to the growth of higher electricity demand for investments in that area.

  • The high cost of power has affected the competitiveness of companies, particularly in mining, which is the growth engine of the country.

  • As a country we must diversify our power grid and make it more sustainable.

  • We have the opportunity to invest in non-conventional renewable energy sources.

  • For 2025, the expected power consumption by copper mining will increase by 79.5% compared to 2014.

  • In the current energy context that Chile is in, we feel the need to raise awareness of all forms, products and services that contribute to or are part of the various energy processes.

Demanda de agua en la gran minería